Wishing You A Happy and An Eventful 2018!

Good day to all,

Happy 2018! I guess it is not too late for us to wish you the best in 2018. We hope this beautiful 2018 will bring you more happiness, success and blessings into your life, relationships, wealth, career or family addition.

Whether you are going abroad to further your study, looking for a new job after your first degree, dreaming about traveling the world before you reach fourty, getting engaged with your adorable boyfriend, planning to get married with your fiance, expecting for your first baby, moving to your new home, going for a prilgrimage, moving to a new town or even can't-help-waiting for your first grand-children - we wish you all well in 2018.

It has been a while since we updated our blogsite with activities. Since its incorporation in 2011 the company has grown its own niche and reputations with stakeholders engagement which enhances the sustainability and profitability of the organization enormously.

Started off with birthday party planner, we used to deliver up to four to five parties per day during the weekend, when the time was good and the players were much lesser in the market. We learnt the hard ways to improve our deliverables, to meet the hiking demands while maintaining the quality of our brand. After our sixth year in the market, we noticed that the industry was flooded with more and more new comers  in our segment. We noticed most of these new comers offer more affordable price to tap their feet in the market aside from just being their side incomes rather than core businesses.

And for Fabulous Party Planner team, 2017 was a challenging year that we had to go out of our comfort zone and explore more on quieter market since the birthday party segment has become saturated. And 2017 has taught us the biggest lesson in persistency despite many kind of challenges that we have faced throughout our growth.

We learnt that;

  1. People come and go
  2. Thing evolves, same goes to business
  3. Nothing is permanent
  4. Trust is built with consistency
  5. We never fail until we stop trying

Till here, until we write again!

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