Iris Zahra's 3rd birthday bash @ Juempa D'Ramoe

Party date: June 11th, 2011
Party venue: Juempa D'Ramoe Poolside & Dining, off Jalan Maarof, Bangsar
Theme: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Birthday Party Planner / Organiser / Coordinator: Fabulous Party Planner

our little Iris with her dazzling smile cutting Mickey birthday cake on her 3rd birthday bash

The party was scheduled to start at 11.30am on Saturday of June 11th, 2011. Rita, a lovely client to work with, had given us the full authority to handle the party from A to Z without any pressure from her. I like the fact that she is a professional client who trust us to work independently without any interference. The venue was proposed by us, set an intimate setting to her daughter's party. Themed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I had to spend my whole evening of the day before setting up the decor for the party area. From hanging banners, ornaments and posters of Mickey to candy buffet and centerstage decor, to the props for the outlined activities like Minnie Spa Station and treasure hunting in the pool of balls... There were so many things to do with sooo little time left.

A day before that, there came a surprise after i picked up Iris' 3D fondant cake themed Mickey Mouse clubhouse from Shah Alam baker, Ms Diah - i found out the base of that almost 5 kilo cake was terribly cracked and torn due to an emergency brake during my way back drive masa peak hour. Rushed straight to the bakery supply shop before it is closed at 6pm and bought a pack of pre-made fondant (lucky it only cost me around RM20), got home and had a round of experiment kneading with colour and flavoring... And finally the bottom base of Iris cake was perfectly fixed after 2 hours of critical time. I dare not to tell Rita or anyone before that, but she only knew when my husband told her about it after the party was over.

directional standee placed outside to lead guests to party area

 Done with the decor and props setting at 8am on the party day, when home sekejap to mandi and get dress for the event. Balloon man Mustafa called at 8.30am informing me that all the heliums are ready for set up by then. Done on the helium. Managed to rest my eyes for about 20 minutes nap - On my way to D'Ramoe, i had to drive very slow (believe me it was 40km/hr) as I did not wish to go through all the kneading process at the very last minute ever again... Left my son Danial with my friend, Radziah at Bukit Bandaraya, he was still soundly asleep when Radziah's sister in law, Kak Long came to my car to carry him inside. Rita called and asked how was I doing and she is already there at the party place as early as at 10am.

Reached D'Ramoe at 11am, Rita, the photographer and my husband have reached there before me. The party started as scheduled - Ahmad my hubby as the MC and the Game Master brought colours to the gathering with his wits and charm, Mickey Mascot was there for an hour and a half, stupidly standing and looking thin and worn-out. Poor mickey... Bayar as expensive as RM550 per hour but you came in with a worn-out costume and looking tak cukup makan. Anyway, the party was not affected by that, because we have tonnes of activities and games for kids to take part. And the Hotdog dance song was in the air all the way.

A Minnie Spa Station for the girls to do their nail and body art, a ball pit pool with hidden Mickey's merchandises for treasure hunting game, Musical chair and Cat & Mouse game where all participants were entitled for their small prizes individually... winning or losing, it does not really matter to these kids as long as the fun is there.

As the party went on and it came to an end at 2.30pm. For party favors, we prepared Mickey watches with helium balloons for the kids apart from take-away cotton candy and Mickey's fondant cupcakes (with Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy's character on the cuppies). Kids were happy, host of the party was satisfied, we had a great time, and all the guests left the party with wide happy smiles in their faces. Noone seemed to be left out from this 2-hour-joyous-moment.

At almost 3pm, my baby Danial were there with his playmate Abang Dadam, Radziah and Kak Long. Many thanks to them for looking after Danial when mummy is busy planning and coordinating the party. Owhh, regret that they missed out the best part of the party coz my Danial himself is a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse programme, he does Hot Dog dance very well... Maybe next time Danial, when mummy is comfortable enough to have a dedicated sitter to look after you nanti... when you can start talking... Hehehe...

After final wrap up for the day, received an sms from the happy client - asking me to keep up the good work... Naahhh...! I'm flying and am on cloud 9...

I am still awaiting for Siti (Rita's photographer) to share Iris' birthday picture with me, i think she is not done yet as she seemed busy when i peeked her from the FB world. Once the pictures are obtained, i will upload as our past portfolios...k?

Salam 1 Malaysia?

with loves and regards,
Mummy Fissa

Looking for potential customer who called on 7 June, Fiza Ahmad?


On 7th June 2011 a client called which I believe the name something like fiza ahmad. The caller wants to hold the birthday party either in puchong or kuantan. you called using office phone and i have lost ur number. kindly give me your handphone number and email or call me again at 0199067716 or email   Thank you.

Father's Day Special 19 June 2011

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  • Father's day cake/ cupcakes
  • High tea buffet
  • Candy / dessert buffet
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  • Candy / dessert buffet
  • Three (3) party games with winning prizes (under the conduct of our hilarious Game Master)
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