Candice Baby Shower

venue: slashes & dots sdn bhd /, midvalley boulevard city
party date: friday, 15 april 2011

an ad-hoc job, i was only called for quote in less than a week time, and only one day one night for preparation after the booking confirmation. though it was only a small party organised by the company for a group of 15 staff initially (then it goes up to 20), the heat was unexpected actually. really, the intimate of having less is more was felt. thank you yokelan and heizzee, hope you guys enjoy the party, as much as we did enjoy working for a client like you.

i was terribly stress busy having to work on this job on weekdays (was about to turn down the job at first, but my dear hubby offered to help out on the party day eventually). sleepless nights, planning, costing, sourcing for caterer who can cater for a small group without having to blast a lot on f&b, ordering, customising the banner, shopping, sorting, bla bla bla (endless to-do list)...

we were lucky to have such a good client like this, we did not hear any complaint and they were extremely easy to work with. no fuss at all. and they trust us to handle everything. happy ('o*) wink.

not much concentrating on the decor for practicality, the main objective of this party was to celebrate the joy of welcoming the motherhood for a staff with every attendees while fostering the ties between this small group yet dynamic techie team. also, since it was on friday, i think it should by right be a semi formal event where the staffs could de-stress for the week and have fun without any worry of adhering to any protocol or strict agendas. the challenge was the timeline prior to the party day, and trying to create a simple party where everybody can participate in the activity while having lots of fun! guess who was the m.c? my hubby managed to heat up the party with his wits and singing...

a simple banner to welcome candice's baby
my son tgh kepochi at the hallway
here comes the mommy-to-be, ms candice, escorted by my danial
(owh, getting used to little man)

crowned as mummy-to-be

a shoulder sling to denote 'the' mummy
simple table setting, showering the baby boy
attendees were asked to collect their cloth pegs / safety pins
for party game activity


waiting for the rest

mummy and baby illustrated cuppy
specially made for mummy (fondant & buttercream)
illustrated candice with her cute and healthy baby
(consider she's got longer hair when the baby is that big)
the centerpiece for buffet table

the smiling paymaster

makan time
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hi-tea buffet – assorted appetizers on stick, fried mee,
bread pudding and cuppies for dessert, orange and apple juice

exploded party, mummy-to-be just has to sit down and watch
eye candy

suspended cookie monster

cupcakes as centerpiece

table centerpiece
speech and words of advice from everybody

paintball team draw

royal treatment for mummy – having basic manicure

shoulder n neck massage for everybody

masseur at large!
baby items

party favors

kiddish cuppies

too sweet to be eaten

happy mummy!
i will ask them to share with me the photos taken by their photographer soon. nice pictures are on their way...

have a great Sunday!
mummy fissa