Elmo & The Sesame Street's party

Elmo & The Sesame Street's party

Party Descriptions: Isaac's 1st Birthday Party
Party Theme: Elmo / Sesame Street
Party Date: Nov 3rd, 2012
Party Venue: Host residence, Shah Alam

I felt guilty for not being able to come along for Diana's son birthday party since my Abah was admitted to ICU for lung infection. Luckily all the preparation had been designed and arranged earlier, my buddies were willing to help out for rescue - Sharifah was in charged for the party decor and the candy buffet set up while Farah was assigned to deliver the Yaasin on the night earlier for Aqiqah's doorgift which was scheduled to happen in the morning.

Sesame Street Elmo Birthday & Candy Buffet

Birthday banner

Birthday poster

Yassin cover

Elmo Party Banner

Elmo Sesame STreets Candy buffet

Elmo Sesame STreets Candy buffet 2

Elmo Sesame STreets Candy buffet

Elmo Sesame STreets party decoration under their canopy

Sesame Streets Elmo Birthday cupcake

Elmo Candy & dessert buffet

Party pack
Thank you for having us Diana

Themed Mineral Labels

Beware of prank blog "TheFabulousPartyPLanner" by a bad prankster

Dear All,

Kindly be aware that there is a prank blogspot "TheFabulousPartyPlanner" that was made by a bad  prankster to steal traffic from my Blog. That particular blog has no phone number, name, email and profile of Blog owner. Please do not transfer any cash to that Blog's account number in order to avoid being cheated. It will try to sell to you a "Seven Desserts" candy buffet worth RM7,200 etc, all which are ridiculous prices and not genuine.

Regards, this is a public notification.

Butterfly Garden Themed Party at Bora Ombak for Evelyn's daughter

Butterfly Fairytale Themed Birthday Party at Bora Ombak

Descriptions: Sharmaine's 8th Birthday
Year: 2012
Deliverables: Birthday Party Balloon Decoration, Ball Pit Pool, Entertainer

The client contacted me and decided to have a butterfly fairytale theme for her daughter's 8th birthday. We met at the venue place once the booking confirmation over the email.

Since the venue place offered a pelamin decor, we suggested her to use up the dais section which is readily decorated by the venue place's in-house team.

Their three hour party session was filled with fun and laughters as Evelyn also agreed to our suggestion to hire a magical clown to entertained her guests as well as the kids.

To book your birthday party services, please do not hesitate to reach us using the following point of contacts:


T: 03-416-12-416 | WA: 019-351-4833 | M: 016-9507910
E: hafissa@fabulouspartyplanner.co

Madagascar Birthday Party for Charity at One Menerung Bangsar

Madagascar Birthday Party at One Menerung Bangsar

Party theme: Madagascar
Davina's 1st Birthday
Venue: One Menerung, Bangsar

It was a fun party despite the last minute booking from the planner and the small table that we were given to display such a varied desserts, in the end everything look slightly cramped, though everything gone by the end of the party, including my display plush toys.... It was like a mini carnival, and the generous host even asked the guests not to bring any gift but some donation to a selected charity body. Kids were thrilled with the presence of a group of Madagascar's character mascots. Danial had a fun time (again)...

We are one of the top party planners and top event managers in Malaysia.

Madagascar themed party collage pictures
Our son Danial being chased by the mascots
Our son Danial admiring the deco
My sin was barely one when i did this party, now that he is 8
The king of the jungle to welcome the kids
Mini pavlovas

Our cramped dessert jungle
Spray paint art
The clumsy clown
Photo booth area

Thanks Tiffany for calling us!

Balloon deocration for stage

Dear all readers, I've got back my original number, alhamdulillah.... For any booking and inquiries, you can call us or sms us through 019-9067716. Mummy fissa

IMPORTANT NOTICE - change on contact number

To all readers and blog visitors, Please be informed that for time being I will be using a temporary number 019-3558137 due to sim lost until further notice on the new permanent number. For any inquiries pertaining to party services and such, please do not call or sms my old number 019-9067716 but kindly please forward your inquiries through my email hafissa@gmail.com or BB pin 21782266 so that I should be able to retrieve and reply you immediately. Regret for the inconveniences caused. Thank you. Love and regards, Mummy Fissa

Personalised Party Box Carrier

Dear Mummies,

If you are planning to organise and prepare for your kid's birthday party yourself - believe me, it is going to be a very fun exercise (though painstaking and time-consuming). If your kids are keen and overly excited about the party, do not stress yourself scolding them "Not to do this and that", instead why not ask them to help out with the preparation? Other than having a quality time together, the joy of doing all these for your own kid may be much more rewarding than giving your child an expensive present, especially when you look at his/her widest smile on his BIG day.

Let us help you to personalised your party pack according to your desired theme. We are offering (limited time) Party Box Carrier at RM2.50/piece - with personalised sticker included. For the content of the box, you may opt to get it yourself or you can pick from the following or request from us:
  • personalised party box carrier - 9" width x 5" height - material : artcard (RM2.50/pc)
  • generic party bag - A5 size - material : laminated paper (RM1.20/pc)
  • generic party loot bag - A5 size - material : artcard or plastic (RM 1/pc)
  • shoulder bag - A4 size - material : non woven (RM3.50/pc)
  • party hat - generic design - material : artcard (RM1.00/pc)
  • party hat - personalised sticker design according to theme - material : artcard and streamers (RM1.70/pc)
  • party noisemaker/horn - generic design - material : paper and plastic (RM0.60/pc)
  • mini party popper - pocket size (RM1/pc) 
  • backstage lanyard with personalised tag design (RM2/pc)
  • bubble set - pocket size, with personalised birthday tag attached (RM1.50/pc)
  • sand art colouring set - A4 size (RM4/pc)
  • animal mask - material : foam (RM2/pc)
  • animal hat - material : foam (RM5/pc)
  • cowboy hat - material : poly-plastic with glitter (RM6/pc)
  • polka dot apam (pack of 3pcs) with personalised birthday tag (RM3/pc)
  • cadbury chocolate bar (115g) with personalised birthday wrapper (RM5/pc)
  • marshmallow (pack of 50gms) with personalised birthday tag (RM2/pc)
  • cake pop with personalised birthday tag (RM2.50/pc)
  • stationery set - generic design - pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler (RM3/set)
  • stationery set - theme Princess, Angry Bird, Ben10, Mickey (RM4/pc)
  • swirl lollipops with personalised birthday tag attached (RM3.50/pc)
  • personalised pocket notebook (RM3.00/pc)
  • desktop photo-frame with personalised birthday postcard (RM7)
  • fridge magnet with personalised birthday sticker (RM3.00/pc)
  • key-chain (RM2.50/pc and above)
  • personalised colouring booket based on birthday theme (RM3/pc)
  • kid watch (RM7/pc)
  • nail art set (RM2/pc)
  • temporary body tattoo set (RM2/pc)
  • hula skirt made of strings (RM8/pc)
  • flower leis made of paper/faux flower (RM7/pc)
  • candy packet/box with personalised birthday tag (from RM1.20/pc)
  • personalised button badge (RM1.50/pc)
  • buttercream cupcake with round container and attached birthday tag (RM2.50/pc)
  • fancy cookies (pack of 3pcs) with personalised birthday label (RM2/pc)
party box carrier

personalised content according to theme
party loot bag (RM1.00/pc)

generic party bag

photoframes with personalised postcard

chocolate bar with personalised wrapper

swirl lollipop
personalised party pack according to theme (box carrier, lanyard, trophee, keychain, candy)

personalised tag attached

colouring book OR booklet

party loot bag 2

fancy cookie
shoulder bag - non woven
The above price is based on self-pick up and does not include delivery charges.

For orders and inquiries for quotation, appreciate if you could sms 019-9067716 or email hafissa@gmail.com for proper documentation and processing (unfortunately, we cannot afford to remember everything discussed verbally), and you may follow up with a phone call if there is no reply within a week time. Last minute order is up to our capability to deliver.

Enjoy your party planning! Thank you.