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2014 Party Box Carrier

Hi all,

People been asking for our party box carrier picture, the new size is slightly smaller - nicer size for the kids and less flimsy.

The party box carrier - size 5.5" (width) x 4" (height) x 4" (depth).

Sticker label size is 4" (width) x 3.2" (height) - customised according to your party theme

Content may vary.

party box carrier - customised to theme

box scale to a 4 year old kid. 

Fabulous Doorgift New Design A (2014)

Hi Mummies and Daddies,


- handmade charm keychain
- suede tassel in various colours
- choose your own beads and crystal colours
- customise your own theme for object for the charms

(choice of baby stroller, heart shape, bride and groom, hello kitty, eiffel tower, football, butterfly, birthday cake, star, cage, teapot, princess crown, guitar, animals, zodiac characters etc)

Let your guest remember your fabulous occasion when they carry around your gorgeous tassel charm keychain. Why choose to have this than a fancy cupcake?

  1. It's personally HANDCRAFTED. Cute memento to keep close to your friend's heart
  2. A practical keepsake, small enough to carry around in the pocket but durable
  3. Unique design and variable objects to match your personality or theme occasion
  4. Comes with customised packaging to suit your occasion

RM10.00 per set - 50pcs to 100pcs
RM9.00 per set - 100 to 300pcs
RM8.00 per set - 300pcs to 500pcs

RM8.50 per set - 50pcs to 100pcs
RM8.00 per set - 100 to 300pcs
RM7.50 per set - 300pcs to 500pcs

RM7.00 per set - 50pcs to 100pcs
RM6.50 per set - 100 to 300pcs
RM5.50 per set - 300pcs to 500pcs

- to add more objects, alphabet letter or numerical for the charm, extra RM1 per charm/object
- courier / delivery charge is not inclusive

Handmade Tassel Charm Keychain (design A)

with customised tin box packaging

variable charm objects to match your own style 

plastic packaging with customised topper label

All Aboard to Mia's 2nd Birthday Party!

Party descriptions: Mia's 2nd Birthday Party
Party theme: Airlines
Party date: 23 Sept 2013
Party venue: Santai Cafe, Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras

Afdzal who contacted me via email sounded much more mature than her age. She is organising a birthday for her little sister and wanted a candy buffet and some decoration for the party. She told me the cake will be in airline theme with lots of blue shade, we arranged for helium balloons in blue shade to match the theme. Same goes to her candy buffet and printables.

candy & dessert buffet

welcome board

postcard for her picture frame

party ambiance

by the entrance

registration counter & doorgift items

candy & dessert buffet


Afdzal & Mia dressed up to theme (left)

mini picture frames

It was a fun flying party experience. Hehehe.... Till next flight Afdzal...

Mummy Fissa

Dayana's 6th Pinky Party

June 2012
Princess Diyana Pinky Party

Venue: Host's residence

Decoration & Printables: Fabulous Party (Balloon Contractor: Ira & Rasyid)
Buutercream Cupcakes: Fabulous Party
Candy Buffet: Fabulous Party
Food & Beverages: Host's own arrangement
Kids Meal: Fabulous Party (Rubiyah Resources)
Party pack: Fabulous Party (Party box carrier)
Game Master: Fabulous Party (Presenter: Mummy Fissa, assisted by Fabulous crews)
Face painter: Fabulous Party (Contractor: Ira)

Balloon Decor

Customised party badge

Centrestage backdrop 
Backdrop Decor

Cake & Cabdy Buffet

Candy Buffet

Buttercream cake - Princess & Friends

Chocolate bar with customised wrapper

Fabulous party crew


Candle blowing & cake cutting

Paparazzi session

Party box carrier

Personalised Party Box Carrier

Dear Mummies,

If you are planning to organise and prepare for your kid's birthday party yourself - believe me, it is going to be a very fun exercise (though painstaking and time-consuming). If your kids are keen and overly excited about the party, do not stress yourself scolding them "Not to do this and that", instead why not ask them to help out with the preparation? Other than having a quality time together, the joy of doing all these for your own kid may be much more rewarding than giving your child an expensive present, especially when you look at his/her widest smile on his BIG day.

Let us help you to personalised your party pack according to your desired theme. We are offering (limited time) Party Box Carrier at RM2.50/piece - with personalised sticker included. For the content of the box, you may opt to get it yourself or you can pick from the following or request from us:
  • personalised party box carrier - 9" width x 5" height - material : artcard (RM2.50/pc)
  • generic party bag - A5 size - material : laminated paper (RM1.20/pc)
  • generic party loot bag - A5 size - material : artcard or plastic (RM 1/pc)
  • shoulder bag - A4 size - material : non woven (RM3.50/pc)
  • party hat - generic design - material : artcard (RM1.00/pc)
  • party hat - personalised sticker design according to theme - material : artcard and streamers (RM1.70/pc)
  • party noisemaker/horn - generic design - material : paper and plastic (RM0.60/pc)
  • mini party popper - pocket size (RM1/pc) 
  • backstage lanyard with personalised tag design (RM2/pc)
  • bubble set - pocket size, with personalised birthday tag attached (RM1.50/pc)
  • sand art colouring set - A4 size (RM4/pc)
  • animal mask - material : foam (RM2/pc)
  • animal hat - material : foam (RM5/pc)
  • cowboy hat - material : poly-plastic with glitter (RM6/pc)
  • polka dot apam (pack of 3pcs) with personalised birthday tag (RM3/pc)
  • cadbury chocolate bar (115g) with personalised birthday wrapper (RM5/pc)
  • marshmallow (pack of 50gms) with personalised birthday tag (RM2/pc)
  • cake pop with personalised birthday tag (RM2.50/pc)
  • stationery set - generic design - pencil, eraser, sharpener, ruler (RM3/set)
  • stationery set - theme Princess, Angry Bird, Ben10, Mickey (RM4/pc)
  • swirl lollipops with personalised birthday tag attached (RM3.50/pc)
  • personalised pocket notebook (RM3.00/pc)
  • desktop photo-frame with personalised birthday postcard (RM7)
  • fridge magnet with personalised birthday sticker (RM3.00/pc)
  • key-chain (RM2.50/pc and above)
  • personalised colouring booket based on birthday theme (RM3/pc)
  • kid watch (RM7/pc)
  • nail art set (RM2/pc)
  • temporary body tattoo set (RM2/pc)
  • hula skirt made of strings (RM8/pc)
  • flower leis made of paper/faux flower (RM7/pc)
  • candy packet/box with personalised birthday tag (from RM1.20/pc)
  • personalised button badge (RM1.50/pc)
  • buttercream cupcake with round container and attached birthday tag (RM2.50/pc)
  • fancy cookies (pack of 3pcs) with personalised birthday label (RM2/pc)
party box carrier

personalised content according to theme
party loot bag (RM1.00/pc)

generic party bag

photoframes with personalised postcard

chocolate bar with personalised wrapper

swirl lollipop
personalised party pack according to theme (box carrier, lanyard, trophee, keychain, candy)

personalised tag attached

colouring book OR booklet

party loot bag 2

fancy cookie
shoulder bag - non woven
The above price is based on self-pick up and does not include delivery charges.

For orders and inquiries for quotation, appreciate if you could sms 019-9067716 or email for proper documentation and processing (unfortunately, we cannot afford to remember everything discussed verbally), and you may follow up with a phone call if there is no reply within a week time. Last minute order is up to our capability to deliver.

Enjoy your party planning! Thank you.

Aqiqah with Birthday Packages

We organise this aqiqah for Nadiah's son, Hasan and her daughter Naily's 3rd Birthday at the Multipurpose Hall of Sri Kenanga Condo, Wangsa Maju.

Date: 29 Oct 2011
Time: 11am-2.30pm
Event: Aqiqah Marhaban + 3rd Birthday Party

the poster
table numbering

The booking was rather last minute, without recceeing the space for the event venue. The challenge was to fill up the hall with as much decoration as we could, without a proper explanation of how huge the space would be. We brought with us the suspended canopy that i last used during my wedding, but sadly the ceiling for too far up out of our reach.

So, discarded the suspended canopy - we went into an idea of uilising a corner because if we decided to make the arrangement symetrical, there was a fan on the wall that would bother our usage of the wall for the stage backdrop. Sigh.. Again, another challenge! Finally, as the time was ticking tight, we opt to the concept of having an arch that we turned it into a small canopy for the cradle area. Though the decoration is pretty simple without having loads of flowers and ornaments, the outcome of it looks rather elegant yet still gracefull.. Ok la for the budget that was spent, they've got a stage for a less than a K spent for the ambiance.

Sadly both kids were hospitalised during the event.. They were sick, and they had to go back to the hospital after the Marhabban session was over.

balloon arch from Mona to welcome the guests

candy, jellos and biscuits for the kids

candy and dessert buffet

fairy lights were not as drammatic during daytime

table centerpiece - blue teddy

dark brown backdrop was chose to match gold coloured wall scallops by Mona

we extended the arch into a canopy

frontal view

the cradle

party pack for the kids, favors for guests and marhabban group

balloons for birthday celebration

marhabban session

the goodies

stage area

my darling

helium was used as table centerpieces

For more infos on the costing, please text/ email your requirements to or 019-9067716. Please leave your email address and contac number for us to furnish you with a cost estimate.