Nur Ain's 8th Pinky Princess Birthday Party

Date : 19 September 2011
Venue: The Club, Bukit Utama, Bandar Utama, PJ
Event: Nur Ain Syafiqah's 8th Pinky Princess Party

The phonecall from Puan Rohaya i received when i was still in dear hometown Kota Bharu, when i was off for Hari Raya Break. It's kinda last minute booking when i first was reluctant to undertake the job, however Puan Rohaya said she does not mind if I only send the clown for kid's activities. After several discussions with her and my righthand person Ira (whom i groomed to be a friendly face painting artist and the team manager), she agreed to handle this since i have another commitment at some other place.

We decided to do some decor, provide the party pack and favor, send the clown to organise games for the kids, send a photographer and for the activity session, Ms Ira takes care of the face painting session. Part of the decoration was set up on the night earlier, considering that the Team has to come down all the way from Shah Alam, and for logistic purpose.

On the D-day itself, birthday items were freshly picked up from the printer in the morning as we had only a day to come up with the design and send it for printing right away. 30 helium balloons added the scenes, forget about the hassle getting it in the afternoon time when through the jam packed traffic from Ampang to Damansara PJ (helium can last only for 6 hours).

Through these challenges, the Team managed to put up everything with the help of closest family members of Puan Rohaya, the host of the party. They even helped out the team to arrange the party bags accordingly before the guests starts coming. Thank you for being so understanding Puan!

The party went well, they played some games, they had colours on their faces, they sang, they had a great meal, the service from the venue provider was warm - Puan Rohaya and family had a great day and really enjoy the company of our Team throughout the party (from 1.30pm to 5.30pm). After all, I received an sms from Puan Rohaya thanking us for making up Nur Ain's 8th birthday party. She was really satisfied and had a bundle of joyous and memorable moments that she can't wait to see all the pretty pictures in PINK. It's another happy client, and that made up our day too.

What we learnt from here is the trust that we build between us and the client, that really makes a nice and fabulous party. She trust us to plan accordingly, she trust our design judgements and respect yet open for proposals, the venue provider does not give any problem to us, and there goes another blast! For the Team who worked so hard for all these, TQVM. To our third parties, the photographer and the clown, and to Ms Ira especially... But remember, for the things that i shared with you, its our trade secret, yeah...? Sssshhhhhhh....

Last but not least. Enjoy the pictures. The picture speaks itself!

A3 poster

birthday bunting

birthday badges

royal spa section

face painting @ Pinky Royal Spa

birthday girl, Nur Ain had her face painted by our friendly face painting artist cum Crew Manager

'Thank you'

last minute prep

party bag with personalised party badges

smiling clown

games session

princess with her oversized tiara

hosts mingling with guest

Predator ke Prince nih?

sorting the giveaways & party bags

happy siblings

princess birthday cake

princess of the day with her b'day cake

singing happy birthday to Nur Ain

prince and princess army

pinky princess party

anxiously waiting for their turn to get balloon sculptures from Mr Clown

the host of the party

helium balloons

party badge

on the night earlier

here comes the helium balloons

karaoke session

another request for balloon sculpture

activity session

cake cutting

sing-a-song by the princess

the guests

she had a great blast

gossiping or telling some secrets?

winning prizes

Nur Ain's 8th Pinky Princess Birthday Party