Princess Birthday Party for Aliana Sufiya

This was one of our earliest birthday party events that we did when we first started. It was for a friend of mine, we went to Primary School together, until we separated when we were offered to different boarding schools after scoring full 8A's in our PMR exam in 1996. However, our friendship heated back when we both were offered to continue our programme at UTM Skudai - though we took different courses, our friendship remains good until to-date. She

Aliana Sufiya's 1st Birthday Bash
Venue: Function Room, Faber Ria, Taman Desa
Date of event: 21 July 2011

This one came from a dear friend of mine, my life long friend i would say, Yin... We went to the same school from Standard 1 til Form 3 back then in our hometown. Separated for 2 years as we went to different MRSM, she was offered to go to MRSM Pengkalan Chepa and I went to MRSM Kuantan. Though we weren't able to do study group together anymore, we stayed in touch through letters (the internet and mobile phone were not boom yet during those days) - until now, her cards and letters are still in my keeping for rememberance, hehehe... After all, God gave us chance to unite again when we both went to UTM Skudai. That was my fond memory of her, we've gone through a lot of things together, good ones, bad ones, and naughty ones.

A friend who really understands my inside character i would say, maybe because of the common thing that we both shared, we came from the same hometown, same schooled, we got married on the same year, we got our first babies on the same year, and we are both Leos. Yin that i knew is always the smart one, kind and generous, and we always want/wish the best for each other.. (you know some girl-friendships may tend to become over bearing when there are jealousies, clons, and silent rivalry) but we are cool and just be ourselves, we kept each other's secrets and i hope she can always be there in every chapter of my life.

For her cute little pumpkin Ms Aliana, i wish i could have done more and better. Princess was chosen as the party theme for her little one's 1st birthday.

A3 birthday poster


aliana & her makcu

dgn jewelleries and magic wand :)

cake cutting

aliana, momma & papa

b'day cake

candy buffet

my son oso had fun

flirting with the twins

sleeping princess