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Star Wars Birthday Party for Vincent's 7th Birthday

Star Wars Birthday Party

Venue: Setia Sky Residences
Package: Gold Package + Cosplay Character Darth Vader appearance

We never had a year without Star Wars birthday jobs! - There’s a reason why “Star Wars” is so popular, after all; its fans are often fanatical. From the baby boomers to millennia babies...

For Vincent's party, who really loves to splash in the pool, we had him a pool party so the kids can swim for their activities. Aside from some sugar shot for the kids from our candy buffet, we too prepared a backdrop as their photobooth with the appearance of Darth Vader for 2 hours, also arranged by us. Therefore all kids got to take picture with an alive show stopper!

So to all Star Wars fandom, should you want a Star Wars themed party, be it for a birthday, annual dinner, anniversary, or movie fan club gathering party, we are only a call away. WhatsApp your party details like location, date and time, also no of pax to 016-9507910.

Optionally, email us at and we will reply with a proper quote within 3 working days, if you are able to pick a package readily or state your party requirements accordingly.
cake cutting area 
star wars birthday photobooth backdrop
Little Darth Vader's fan with our cosplay character | mascot appearance

Darth Vader mascot cosplay character for party and event 016-9507910

star wars candy buffet

Star wars birthday party for Vincent

Star Wars acandy buffet & Darth Vader to excite the kids

High tea buffet by Fabulous Party Planner - refer our catering service

Catering high tea buffet arranged by Fabulous Party Planner
Use the force! Call us for help... :) 

Fabulous Party Planner