Planning to throw a party?

Dear Mummy Fissans,

To guide you through while asking for a quote, i created a dedicated form that will make easy for me to propose accordingly. The scopes for a birthday party may seem as simple as ABC, but believe me it is not as easy to gather everything at once especially when the time frame for preparation is short. The earlier you get everything purchased and ready for some creative touch, the better the outcome.

Otherwise, more human power is required to help out you with final set up to cover every aspect of the details - from getting the cake, decor items, favors, party pack, printables, balloons, heliums (if any), sound and audio system, props for games and activities, entertainment, tables and chairs, canopy, main food and snacks from different suppliers/bakers at your party venue on time and in fresh manner, decoration for the tables which include table cloth, centerpieces and some basic skill to set up table skirting, banner/garland, poster, servingwares, diningwares and glasswares.

During the party, there should be some helping friends, relatives or crews who will look after the seatings and servings on the tables, help out with the activities while facilitating the fun of the party. Otherwise, the host of the party will not have time to mingle and entertain the guests while running around looking after everything.

So for those who are throwing a party soon, please plan your date the earliest possible. And decide on what you need for the party beforehands, stick to your plan and work it out rather than conflicting yourself with endless of ideas and inspirations but ending up losing your focus.