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How Does It Feel To Be A Popular Hollywood Star? 8 Rules to Shine Like A Star During Your Big Day by Being a Gracious Hostess

How Does It Feel To Be A Popular Hollywood Star? 

Don't limit your imagination, let us help you with some ideas to treat all your good friends from high school by making them sparkle at your special Hollywood Red Carpet Glam birthday party too!

Invite all your friends to your Hollywood Red Carpet Glam Birthday Party... And we will help each of you shine bright like a star on your special day!

Some of us are naturally gracious. They effortlessly promotes warmth and generosity. People are drawn to them and they make those around them feel comfortable and wanted. Their invitations are sought after because the recipients know that they will have a good time.

However some of us have to work a little harder…..

“There is an emanation from the heart in genuine hospitality which cannot be described, but is immediately felt and puts the stranger at once at his ease.”
 - Washington Irving

8 Rules To Be A Gracious Hostess And Shine Like A Star During Your Big Day

  1. SELECT YOUR DRESS AND HAVE A CALM MOMENT BEFORE YOUR PARTY - A gracious host says welcome and really means it. She not only opens up her home to you, she opens up her heart and makes you feel comfortable there. Plan ahead, get some helpers around and take time to relax. Your guests will feel uncomfortable if you seem stressed.
  2. GREET YOUR GUEST WITH A WARM NICE SMILE AND A SHORT CONVERSATION - A star is considerate of her guests' needs, and makes every effort to accommodate her guests. Make the proper introductions and provide conversation starters.
  3. ALWAYS OFFER YOUR GUEST SOMETHING - A host's generosity of both her time and hospitality is always felt. Have the things that your guests might need easily accessible so that they don’t have to keep asking you.
  4. INQUIRE YOUR GUESTS WHETHER THEY HAVE ANY ALLERGIES AND PREFERENCES - A gracious star offers you her best and gives you her all.
  5. INVITE YOUR GUEST FOR A GOOD FEAST - Food and drink appear magically and effortlessly. If you are unfamiliar with preparing food for a large number of guests, you may want to consider hiring some helpers, or seek help from any close friends or family members, or you can always call a caterer.
  6. ACCEPT ANY OFFER FOR HELPING HANDS - Do not feel reluctant to ask for help OR to accept any offer for help from any of your gracious guests. If something goes wrong, a star is flexible and makes the necessary adjustments with no fuss.
  7. MAKE EFFORT TO TALK POSITIVELY AND SINCERELY TO EVERYBODY- A true star gives her guests her full attention and makes them feel like there is no other place they’d rather be.
  8.  A POISED STAR LEAVES GOOD IMPRESSIONS - When your guests are leaving, tell them how much you enjoyed their visit and how much you’d like to see them again

It does not sound easy to keep all the 8 rules above, but you always have options to call us up for party assistance. 

But Wait! You can always keep your guests excited high with party decorations and also entertain them throughout your party session with activities and services which you can book from us. Just from a single button away via email or whatsapp or a phone call through our contact details provided below.

8 ideas to excite your guests and activities to keep your guests busy while you can calmly attend to every of them personally;
  1. Theme decoration - to tap party excitement and keep your guests busy taking photos as part of their memory. Our party package might help you to sort on the decoration process as the preparation and production stage will occupy your precious time before the party starts.
  2.  Theme background music - If you don't have a helping hand to take care of sound sytem required for your party, our professional PA system starts from RM600 for a 3 hour party session.
  3. Theme Photo booth - whether a theme backdrop for your guests to take picture with you and upload through social medias OR have an instant live photobooth service with a professional photographer so your guests can bring home their instant photos as memento. Our professional photographer for party duration of 3 hours start from RM600 while a live photobooth for 2 hours with instant photos and professional photographer package price start from RM1300 (unlimited printed photos)
  4. Walk of Fame - let your guests leave their remarks and personal message to you in a guest photobook, or a guestbook system. Buy a guestbook from any stationery shop and set up a section where your guests can see and jott down their personal message.
  5. Trophy Award for Best Dressed Star - convey this in your invitation to get everybody in the party mood, buy trophies or gifts for giveaways. You can purchase or order your custom trophies from a trophy and medal shop.
  6. Emcee and Party Entertainer - hire a professional party entertainer from us to conduct your party activity sessions with interesting party games and a stage show for all guests. Our professional entertainer charge starts from RM550 for two hours and will also bring along a portable PA system.
  7. Get some Popcorn, Cotton Candy or Ice Cream Cart or call up for live popcorn cart service for a free flow supply throughout the party, aside from the main food catering starting from RM550 for 3 hours party. For Food & Beverages Catering - our charges starts from RM25 per pax for a high tea buffet with minium order of 50 pax - OR
  8. Party Favor - if you have extra budget, let your guests bring home a theme souvenir for remembrance on your special day. You either order online, get a friend to help, but if you have creative hands and ample of time to invest on this, DIY is the cheapest version. Our party favor or party pack starts from RM10 per piece with minimum order of 30 pieces.

So mummies and daddies,

If you are looking for a themed birthday event for your loved ones, while you do not have much time to go through all the hassles and finding ample manpower to DIY, we can help you to make your dream party comes true. Once you have hired us, you can just sit back and relax, focusing more on your invitation and other human elements in fostering stronger ties between friends and families.

Fret not about the preparation on our end, our 8 years of experience in party planning and delivering thousands of birthday parties and family events to ensure your event will be remembered as one of your sweetest memories to be kept in your family milestones. Our professional staffs are trained to deliver accordingly.

Please do not hesitate to fill up our RFQ Form on the above tab, or forward us your party details and inquiries to

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To talk to our friendly event representative, just dial
03-6181-1233 (studio office)
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Wah Seong Annual Dinner

Company : Penetron (WMK Coating)
Venue: Bukit Jalil Golf Club
Date: 8 Feb 2015

We got a big thank you from the client. We organised the whole dinner from A-Z but we had ample time to organise it, around 3-4 month.


3:10 PM (11 hours ago)

to meHafissachristine

Ok. Thanks Saifuddin, anyway a big thank to you and your team to making this event successful! Thumb up to the whole program especially the magician show, and also the foods as well.
Once again thank you! J


thanks for your trust in our service!