Dinosaur Jurassic Park Birthday Party for Nidhish

Dinosaur Jurassic Park Themed Birthday Party
Party Theme: Dinosaur Jurassic Park
Venue: Seremban
Date: 11 Oct 2015

Balloon & decoration by FPP
Dessert by Petit Delica Cafe
Print services by OKU Terus Maju
Candy & dessert table decoration by FPP
Print design by FPP
Fossil Adventure Game conduct by FPP

The birthday boy had a very keen interest in dinosaur, therefore he picked Jurassic Park for the theme. We proposed for a game adventure to entice kids interest in pre-historic era. Other than sharing joy during the celebration, kids bring home some exciting new lessons and experience on dinosaur types and species.

So other than the Trex, have you ever heard of Herrerasaurus or Dimorphodon?

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ZooMoo Birthday Party at Menara Duta

Zoo Moo Themed Birthday Party

Venue: Menara Duta Damansara
Date: 9 May
Themed: Zoo Moo

We got a big thank you from the client at the end. The concept idea, design development and decoration production was done by our Founder, Hafissa herself (by hands) while client management was then handled by Saifuddin. 

So basically, all the idea and design works as published in top party planner blogsite was awarded and produced by Fabulous Party Planner but somehow, the portfolio pictures were deleted by an irresponsible action of an ex-staff, but also stolen and used in his newly formed company blogsite.

Please help us to stop the stealing of Intellectual Property rights by not engaging in any business transaction with the above-said person. Let not the greedy and selfish soar in his plagiarism of work and ideas, identity and portfolio stealing efforts.


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cake cutting and centrestage area

Zoo Moo candy and dessert buffet

The backdrop 

Zoo Moo themed party for Rahul