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Simple DIY party decoration - the centrepiece section

I have been wanting to share these tips since a while ago but I kept postponing to write about it from time to time, due to never ending and countless inquiries stacking on my inbox trays since my bibik ran away... But tonight, when it is supposed to be a break from our routine weekend parties, and my laptop went cranky again even after I just had it sent for reformat and security upgrade at Sylva's PC shop down the hill... I just can't stop my eyes from browsing the Internet, oh... Why..? 

Well back to my main intention is to share with you guys yang interested to brush up your creative talents - DIY your kid's party decor. A simple decorated section that takes a little effort only Mae....

1. What you need to think of the first and foremost is.... The focal point of the room, whether it is a plain wall with nice framed pictures or an existing curtain section of your sliding door or even the section of your hall area with bare window frame... or with roman blinds or your water fountain section.... These can be your focal point of your main table/party centrepiece.

2. Get a right sized table for this section. If you have more things to put on the table, it has to be big enough. But if you only have a cake for display a side table should suffice - the edge of your main table does not have to touch the wall/curtain drop, you can adjust to have some space for your kid to slot in when he/she wants to blow the cake if you want a nice backdrop behind him while he faces the camera during the cake cutting session. 

3. Get a nice linen throw if you are out of table linen, to make it nice, have 2 separate layers on the table top, under-layer must reaches floor level if possible, top layer can be spread freely whether straight or slightly tilted. You can work with scallop if you know the technique, not so difficult to do, what you need only some safety pins and a ribbon that match your scheme colour. Other way, you can add satin wave by crumpling it on table top. 

4. You need to lift the cake up! A nice beautiful cake will seem to be vanish from your eyesight if you place it at the same level as other display items. Oh, you don't have a cake stand. Just don't be panic, you can make use of your storage or any sturdy boxes but please have them with linen if the colour scheme does not match. Cut your colourful and nyummy looking desserts into a consistent bite size and arrange them nicely on a serving trays or platter, if you have dessert tiers, it is even better. 

5. Don't forget the centrepieces. It could be your artificial flower bouquet in an emergency case. Others, candle trays/holder, picture frames, plush toy that matches the theme, any suitable table top displays can be used as long it pleases your eyes.

6. Add more decoration details on the focal wall? whatever they are, it depends on your taste and preferences. Need more? If you have the capacity, some ceiling streamers, triangle banner or paper lanterns can be hung on top of the main display table. 

7. Kids party must have balloons, and helium balloons make wonders. Tie them up in a bouquet of 7-10 for main table decor or let loose on the ceiling with its ribbons curling down from the top for instant party ambiance, or scatter them around and let it float individually at various heights. 

8. Stylised as desired.

And..... Voila! You are ready to rumble the party! Don't forget the music! A party without music is like a  fine dining session without the desserts. You can swallow, it is still tasty but not punchy. Have a great blast, pal!