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Ninjago Party for Aupulaz's 6th Birthday Party

Party description: Aupulaz's 6th Birthday Party
Party theme: Ninjago Party
Party venue: Host Residence, Taman Siewdor, OKR, KL
Party date: 28 Oct 2012

Audrey is a repeat VIP client. She had booked us for numerous parties for her daughters and son for a few years in a row.

Ninjago theme was chosen by Aupulanz himself. A very active and confident boy, just like her mom. He had few of his classmates to celebrate the birthday with him.

kids table set up

the invitation
the poster

the banner

the party label

party popping

entrance decor

centerstage area

hilarious tricks

photo session with the guest

mummy wrap game

Finos the clown

Happy Birthday Aupulaz

stylo sista in trendy animal print

waiting for Oppa Gangnam dance

handsome Aupulaz

Ninjago cake

during magic show session

Oppa Gangnam fans

The second birthday of the month she was going to host, Audrey wanted me to organise her Herbal Life's baby's birthday, right in 2 weeks after her 2nd daughter's birthday (Aurarius' Princess Castle Party). All three kids were born in Octobers i was told.

Aupulanz loves Ninjago and the theme was chosen for the party. This time around, Audrey did not have the candy buffet included but we brought them a magical clown. This Finos, had even get the adults entertained with hilarious approach in his magic show. The kids played pinata and mummy wrap games. Cake was done by our lovely Niza.

Thank you Audrey. Call me again next time, yeah?