2013 Pricelist Will Be Out In 2 Weeks!

Dear mummy fissans,

For the first weekend in this year, I am in town and am free from any party. Since hubby is away for his SAS gathering, I am taking this chance to update the blog with pictures and pictures and pictures so you don't have to keep calling me asking for samples of pictures anymore... Shrinking and editing of these photos - really time consuming. It took me almost forever! But it worth my time, i take it as a channel for documentation. Hmm, what have i uploaded here is not even half of the content, but at least it is going somewhere.

I am also in the midst of updating our new pricelist and our party packages for the year 2013, simply to serve you all better and more efficiently. So if you are planning to throw your kid a birthday party and would be interested with our current packages, please do not wait any longer. Fill up our RFQ form, please and please state your date and function venue clearly so we are able to quote you in a prompt manner. And we prefer communications via email, so it documents better.

I personally do not like to discuss important things over the phone, as it may get lost in translation. It is okay to call but not every hour as we don't have a receptionist, have other things to concentrate on according to project schedules and also daily chores to keep me moving, so if you hate or have troubles communicating via email, SMS will do. Enough to document and to recap things in black and white. Apologise for the trouble but please also understand that I am only a one man show, with a full time profession as a mother of a three years old.

Till here, I have a lunch appointment to go, and 2 more appointments in the afternoon. Have a good weekend y'all! Lets pray that it is going to be a productive day for me, and another wonderful day for my Danial. Ciao!

Mummy Fissa

All Aboard to Mia's 2nd Birthday Party!

Party descriptions: Mia's 2nd Birthday Party
Party theme: Airlines
Party date: 23 Sept 2013
Party venue: Santai Cafe, Taman Tasik Permaisuri, Cheras

Afdzal who contacted me via email sounded much more mature than her age. She is organising a birthday for her little sister and wanted a candy buffet and some decoration for the party. She told me the cake will be in airline theme with lots of blue shade, we arranged for helium balloons in blue shade to match the theme. Same goes to her candy buffet and printables.

candy & dessert buffet

welcome board

postcard for her picture frame

party ambiance

by the entrance

registration counter & doorgift items

candy & dessert buffet


Afdzal & Mia dressed up to theme (left)

mini picture frames

It was a fun flying party experience. Hehehe.... Till next flight Afdzal...

Mummy Fissa

Harneesha's Princess Tea Party @ Kindy

Party descriptions: Harneesha's 3rd Birthday
Party theme: Princess Tea Party
Party date: August 8th, 2012
Party venue: Kindergarten, Bdr Seri Mahkota Cheras
the banner

a complimentary poster
Harneesha and parents

Entertained by a clown

Party host, Hajeet & Neesha

Neesha's Princess Tea Party

Musical chair time

strawberry tarts, muffin and sandwich for kids snacks

musical chair game conduct


Harneesha's birthday was held in the month of puasa. I was off to my hometown when Hajit called asking for my assistance for her daughter, Harneesha. Back in the city, there was no one to help me around for the party, as most of the people of the industry were off during the fasting month. My car broke down and i almost late for an hour for the set up time for the candy and printables' order. I was lucky that Hajit was kind enough to even offered a ride to pick me up to her party venue. To cheer up the kids after the clown left, we agreed to conduct games together with the teachers. And after all the kids had so much fun! Thank you Hajit.