Harneesha's Princess Tea Party @ Kindy

Party descriptions: Harneesha's 3rd Birthday
Party theme: Princess Tea Party
Party date: August 8th, 2012
Party venue: Kindergarten, Bdr Seri Mahkota Cheras
the banner

a complimentary poster
Harneesha and parents

Entertained by a clown

Party host, Hajeet & Neesha

Neesha's Princess Tea Party

Musical chair time

strawberry tarts, muffin and sandwich for kids snacks

musical chair game conduct


Harneesha's birthday was held in the month of puasa. I was off to my hometown when Hajit called asking for my assistance for her daughter, Harneesha. Back in the city, there was no one to help me around for the party, as most of the people of the industry were off during the fasting month. My car broke down and i almost late for an hour for the set up time for the candy and printables' order. I was lucky that Hajit was kind enough to even offered a ride to pick me up to her party venue. To cheer up the kids after the clown left, we agreed to conduct games together with the teachers. And after all the kids had so much fun! Thank you Hajit. 

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