Inflatables Bouncy Castle rental Malaysia

We also rent out bouncy castles for birthday parties, family days, corporate events etc in Malaysia KL Selangor. Prices are displayed here. 2-3hr page price. for half day and one day different package prices..We have many different types of inflatables for rental in Malaysia.Bouncy castles for rental Malaysia.We have many different types of bouncy castles for rental in Malaysia.Bouncy castles for rental Malaysia. We have cheap inflatables bouncy castles as well apart from the exclusive bouncy castles.

Mickey Disney Characters RM1300



70ft - RM4500




Pool Alone : Rental RM3,000
Pool & 5 Paddle Boats : Rental RM4,000

Slider & Pool RM2000 (Hassan)

Water Ball Rental for 3 balls: RM1,800
Water Ball Rentalfor 2 Balls: RM1,200

Water Slider : Rental RM1,500 (elis)

Ball pit

Pool Slider (elis)
 15ftx8ft (azlin)
Big Pool 26ftxft (azlin)

Bouncer batman RM1300 (rose)

 Bouncer supadupa car : RM1800 (rose)
Bouncer duck RM1500 (rose)

Catering Malaysia / Katering Malaysia

All set to add waiter rm200
Transport RM120 Buffet table RM100

Western hi tea rm30 per pax min 50 pax
Pasta Carbonara
Singapore meehoon
Chicken boxer
Pan fried sausages
Chicken nuggets
Mixed fruit
Orange cordial

Indian menu RM30 per pax min 50 pax

Veg dalca
Chicken sambal chilli
Mutton varuval
Mixed vege
Malaysian acar
cordial drink
waiter rm200
Transport RM120

Malay hi tea Menu A rm28  per pax min 50 pax

Soto ayam
Mee kari
Roti jala
Cucur udang
2 Kuih melayu 
Bubur kacang
Mixed fruit 
Orange cordial

Canopy 20x20 with double scallop and tables & chairs for 40 pax RM550

Mascot RM550 for 2hr

Malay menu B, RM25 per pax, minimum of 50 pax

soto ayam, fried koewteow, roti jala, fried chicken , chicken nuggets, fruits n drinks.

HIGH TEA MENU (RM28 per pax)
- chicken soto served with condiments / roti jala served with chicken curry
- Singapore fried meehoon / fried mee mamak / Chinese fried rice
- fried chicken wing / crispy fried chicken / lemon chicken / sweet & sour fish fillet
- 2 types of local kuih (savory / sweet)
- dessert (pengat pisang / bubur pulut hitam / bubur kacang / cendol)
- cup pudding
- sliced mix fruits
- cordial orange
- teh tarik / coffee

BBQ MENU (RM48 per pax) min 50 pax
- BBQ Chicken Wings
- Grilled Ikan Kurau
- Grilled lamb chop
- BBQ Chicken Sausage
- potato salad
- mix vege salad
- pineapple salad
- BB|Q young corn
- Garlic bread in silver foil
- Fried Mee Siam
- Yong Zhou Fried Rice
- Honey Dew with sago
- Local fruits
- Orangge cordial

Kenduri Kahwin / Wedding catering \(min 1000 pax) RM14 per pax with free gifts

Nasi Minyak Basmathi
Nasi putih
Ayam masak merah
Daging masak hitam
Dalca sayur
Acar Buah
Teh & Teh O

WESTERN MENU (RM65 per pax) min 50 pax
- garden green served with thousand island
- corn chowder
- assorted soft roll & butter
- Pan Fried Fish with Capers Butter Sauce
- Grilled Chicken Breast with Mushroom Sauce
- Grilled Minute Steaks with Black Peppercorn Sauce
- Seasonal Buttered Vegetables
- Onion Potato
- Spaghetti A La Mushroom
- Olive Rice
- Fresh Fruit Platter
- Sliced Marble Cake
- Mini Fruit Tart
- Orange Cordial

For quotation, please email us the following details:
Your name:
Venue address:
Date and time:
No of pax:

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f & b plays an integral part of a party
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Kids Birthday Party & Event Planner Malaysia

Dear mummies and daddies,

For the mega parties that you saw here, they are out of these packages and were tailor made. They just give us a budget like 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k, 30k, etc. But if you are on a budget and to assist you with your dream party, we have several budget candy buffet and birthday deco  packages to meet your party scale, need and purpose.: Kids Birthday Party Planner Malaysia

Budget Deco  Package RM1,000 (plus transport RM120)

Balloons  (2 pillars)
Banner (personalised and themed 5x3ft)
Basic candies (marshmallows, choc bars, lolliops, mineral water, jelly beans)

We also provide petting zoo services & activities for birthday parties, family days, corporate events etc in Malaysia KL Selangor. We have a promotion for petting zoo currently. There are very few petting zoo providers and we are one of the few petting zoo providers in Malaysia KL Selangor. We alos have rabbit park for birthday parties in Malaysia KL Selangor.

Mascots for Hire / Rental

Mascots for Hire

The hire charge for the mascot ranges from RM550 for 2hr for a normal mascot like Mickkey to RM650 for an Ultraman & Star Wars Darrth Vader to RM2,000 for Transformers.

All for 2 hour period

Mascot  : Rm 550
2) Snoopy
3) Kungfu Panda
4) Hello kitty 
5) Olaf
6) Princess Sophia
8)Jack the pirate
9)Angry bird
13)Ninja turtle
16)Winne the pooh
20)Hello kitty
Cosplay : Rm 750
3)Dark vader
Cosplay : Rm 750
2)Optimus prime
4)Batman armor
Remark: Outside klang valley transportation charges included