Aqiqah with Birthday Packages

We organise this aqiqah for Nadiah's son, Hasan and her daughter Naily's 3rd Birthday at the Multipurpose Hall of Sri Kenanga Condo, Wangsa Maju.

Date: 29 Oct 2011
Time: 11am-2.30pm
Event: Aqiqah Marhaban + 3rd Birthday Party

the poster
table numbering

The booking was rather last minute, without recceeing the space for the event venue. The challenge was to fill up the hall with as much decoration as we could, without a proper explanation of how huge the space would be. We brought with us the suspended canopy that i last used during my wedding, but sadly the ceiling for too far up out of our reach.

So, discarded the suspended canopy - we went into an idea of uilising a corner because if we decided to make the arrangement symetrical, there was a fan on the wall that would bother our usage of the wall for the stage backdrop. Sigh.. Again, another challenge! Finally, as the time was ticking tight, we opt to the concept of having an arch that we turned it into a small canopy for the cradle area. Though the decoration is pretty simple without having loads of flowers and ornaments, the outcome of it looks rather elegant yet still gracefull.. Ok la for the budget that was spent, they've got a stage for a less than a K spent for the ambiance.

Sadly both kids were hospitalised during the event.. They were sick, and they had to go back to the hospital after the Marhabban session was over.

balloon arch from Mona to welcome the guests

candy, jellos and biscuits for the kids

candy and dessert buffet

fairy lights were not as drammatic during daytime

table centerpiece - blue teddy

dark brown backdrop was chose to match gold coloured wall scallops by Mona

we extended the arch into a canopy

frontal view

the cradle

party pack for the kids, favors for guests and marhabban group

balloons for birthday celebration

marhabban session

the goodies

stage area

my darling

helium was used as table centerpieces

For more infos on the costing, please text/ email your requirements to or 019-9067716. Please leave your email address and contac number for us to furnish you with a cost estimate.

Cameron Family Day

Lets have a peek at some of the pictures that were taken during the event by our photographer:

group shot

ready for mummy wrapping game

face painting

registration counter

from afar

eye candy

kids goodie bags

champion musical chair

mummy in shades

champion - mummy wrapping - ms abby

prize giving

clown session

run for your life!