Full Moon & Baby Welcome Party celebration

Baby Welcome & Full Moon Party

Theme: Full Moon
Venue: Show.case Kelana Jaya
Date: 2 Feb 2015
Package: Super Basic Party (curtain backdrop, poster on tripod, minimal table props & 30's helium balloons)

As we learnt from Chinese traditions, as the baby turns one month old, a ceremony is held to celebrate her first full month of life. Make sense to us, considering that during the early days right after delivery, the baby is still to fragile to be exposed or receive a lot of visitors.

This coincides with the end of the new mum's confinement period, and both mother and baby are formally introduced to the extended family and friends. For many of them, this will be the first time they are meeting the new baby.

Before the party, some parents do significant ceremony like trimming the eyelashes or trimming/cutting the baby hair so the baby will look good. Others choose to give voucher or "red egg" for those people who give your present as a thank you gesture.

Other than the Chinese, the Baby Welcome or Full Moon party is also celebrated by the Malays and Indian community, accordingly to their traditions and beliefs.

This was party was booked around Chinese New Year month, it was a good time for them to introduce their babies to all relatives and friends who are still around for the CNY holidays.

Thank you for having us!

How To Treat Your Mother On Her Birthday?

Dear fabulous readers,

Being a mother is not an easy job - it means hard work! Let's give back by making sure that your mom has a wonderful birthday.

You can do just that by getting her a meaningful present or making her big day into a memorable event. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a dime to make it a special occasion. With a little creativity and thoughtful planning, you can show your mother how much you appreciate her. Something extra for her on her birthday will not hurt the fact that we do love her every single day, it shall be somehow slightly unique for her to remember and look back.

1) Showing her how much you care

    • do a chore that she would normally do - like doing her grocery
    • help her with a project - For instance, if she has been meaning to plant a garden, help her pick out some seeds, put on some gloves, and pick up a spade
    • arrange for a day of get together whether at home or outside
    • give your mom a day offshare your favorite family stories
    • ask her about her meaningful birthday memories

    2) Finding her a meaning gift
    • order a personalized gift, a product she will appreciate that fits to your budget
    • make her one of kind gift - because taking time to make your own gift is often better than anything you could buy
    • make her a photo book because a photo means a lot
    • get her a new ring for her jewellery collection
    • collate all recipes she ever taught you and make her own recipe book
    3) Planning a birthday event

    • Take her on an outing but make sure it’s something she enjoys. 
    • Treat her to a spa day - Give your mom the gift of relaxation and self-care by treating her to a massage, facial, manicure, and/or pedicure. If you can do it for her, it is even more meaningful for her.
    • Make her dinner or take her out to eat
    • Call us to plan for her birthday party, invite the rest of the family and also her closest friends to celebrate her precious day together.

    And here we share a birthday party story requested by a client for her precious mother, Mrs Shamini on her 55th birthday.

    Venue: Puncak Perdana
    Theme: 55 year old birthday party

    candy buffet for mummy

    If you are looking for a themed birthday event for your mum, while you do not have much time to go through all the hassles and finding ample manpower to DIY, we can help you to make your dream party comes true. Once you have hired us, you can just sit back and relax, focusing more on your invitation and other human elements in fostering stronger ties between friends and families. 

    Fret not about the preparation on our end, our 8 years of experience in party planning and delivering thousands of birthday parties and family events to ensure your event will be remembered as one of your sweetest memories to be kept in your family milestones. Our professional staffs are trained to deliver accordingly.

    Please do not hesitate to fill up our RFQ Form on the above tab, or forward us your party details and inquiries to our email: hafissa@fabulouspartyplanner.co or whatsapp or call us at 016-9507910 - To talk to our friendly event representative, just dial 03-416-12-416 (hotline) 

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    Wah Seong Annual Dinner

    Company : Penetron (WMK Coating)
    Venue: Bukit Jalil Golf Club
    Date: 8 Feb 2015

    We got a big thank you from the client. We organised the whole dinner from A-Z but we had ample time to organise it, around 3-4 month.


    3:10 PM (11 hours ago)

    to meHafissachristine

    Ok. Thanks Saifuddin, anyway a big thank to you and your team to making this event successful! Thumb up to the whole program especially the magician show, and also the foods as well.
    Once again thank you! J


    thanks for your trust in our service!

    Chelsea Football Club Birthday Party

    Chelsea Football Club Themed Birthday Party

    Venue: Royal Regent
    Theme: Chelsea FC

    Hello to football or soccer fans!

    Having soccer theme birthday party can be fun even without the presence of green turfs or holding it at a futsal centre. Indulge in the joy of choosing your favorite football club or team as your party flagship or if you have it more generic, choose green turf and few icons that relate to football and soccer to dominate your decoration concept.

    Here is Chelsea Football Club birthday we did for baby Roland Jr at Royal Regent Hotel.

    There are jerseys for all invitees as the doorgifts. Sharing some soccer or football themed games and activities to add fun to your party and for your guests to enjoy:

    1. Yellow Card Freeze! - make yellow card and have it passed around players while the music is playing. When the music stops, it is time to Freeze and the player who is holding the Yellow Card will be out of the game.
    2. Soccer Pinata - make a pinata with your favorite team logo or football icon on it! Filled the pinata with candy and let teammates give their best effort (while blindfolded) to knock the candy out. When someone breaks a hole in the piñata, kids will try and scoop up as much candy as possible!
    3. Football Balloon - set up a mini football field and substitute a real football with a balloon for a fun game that encourages teammates to work together to get the balloon in the net.
    4. Football Bowling - create your own bowling alley with water bottles for pins and footballs instead of bowling balls. Have kids kick the ball to knock pins down and keep track like a regular bowling game with spares and strikes included.

    Chelsea football club birthday party candy buffet
    Chelsea football club birthday party candy buffet

    Chelsea football club birthday party candy buffet

    Chelsea football club birthday party candy buffet


    Karnival Cuit Cuti Sekolah by FPP for CSR at Titiwangsa

    School Holidays Carnival

    Karnival Cuti Sekolah

    Theme: Karnival Cuti Sekolah
    Venue" Tasik Titiwangsa
    Date 20 & 21 Dec 2014

    We organised this carnival to give back to the community (CSR) while helping small business owners to generate income through booth sales.

    carnival banner

    community csr event


    free magic show for people at lage

    let the marhaen enjoy these entertainments for free too