Danial's Aqiqah (27 Feb 2011)

date: 27 february 2011 (sun)
venue: taman bukit permata, batu caves, kuala lumpur, selangor., malaysia
party planner: myself
mrs host wif danial greeting our guests
helium balloon banyak hilang...?

On 27th Feb 2011, in conjunction with my baby's first birthday (he was born 28 feb last year), we held a makan-makan get together (with our close friends, family and neighbors too) for my son's aqiqah at our home sweet home. from planning, invitation, coordination to taking care of the d├ęcor, we managed to keep that simple and humble party going smoothly and yet the guests kept coming in and out from 12 noon to 12 midnight.
surau members

The event started with the arrival of surau taman bukit permata members to marhaban and selawat to our Rasulullah (taking the bless  from the month of maulidur rasul). Realised that time is the essence, we had the aqiqah person to cook and cater for the side dishes only. I was actually worry if the taste will not be as good as we did not have the chance and time to go for food tasting – i managed to convince my mother who flew all the way from Kota Bharu to cook for the main dish (her popular signature dish nasi uzbekistan and chicken kuzi, a tomato based gravy originate from Kelantan: we eat with bun). We only asked the caterer to roast the lamb on-site (sayangnya i was too busy that i did not get any picture of what was served), mixed dalca and ayam goreng rempah. And alhamdulillah, their food tasted good.. Most guests liked the taste of their mint sauce for the roast lamb... mild and not overpowering – the lamb was well marinated and tender too... Guests were happy with what was served. I had my husband go to the hypermarket in the morning to get some fresh fruits to serve for dessert, along with my sister's yummy buttercream cupcakes in blue shade (theme colour), we had an ice cream guy (on motorcycle) to standby in our compound too as the weather was extremely hot on that day (RM1/cone). By 6pm, the food had finished without any wastage pun. As for the drink, we started out with sirap selasih but in the end, it turned out to be grape cordial.
leftovers at 6

Spatial coordination, we put up 2 pop up tents for guests to eat outside of the house (attached to the porch), buffet table under the porch, while for mingling area i had our guest-hall on ground floor opened and free for guest to rest and relax after eating. By doing this way, we don't have to deal with the messes inside the house. The idea is – as the guests approaches the gate, they are greeted by the mr host with some paper decor under the tent, they choose their dining seat, go to the buffet table under the porch, again they sees mrs host at the mingling area so no one will feel that they are isolated or left out.

To treat the kids, i prepared them their party pack though we did not really do the candle blowing ceremony during the event (my son birthday is on the next day). Put in some balloons, gummies, noise-makers, horn and various animal character masks, it lit their face up at least. For kid's activity, I asked a young cousin of mine for his favor to conduct games like musical chair and body tattooing (non-permanent one la!) and guess what, we managed to put all kids under control in a separate section of my house (family hall at 1st floor with private backyard). They were screaming happily and seemed to enjoy their activity.
kid with one of party pack content (animal mask)
mummy fissa, danial n his birthday cake
cake cutting at midnight wif lil nephews
what's  in my party loot bag?

It was a good party. My son was overexcited and had mild fever on the day after.

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