Some Thoughts and Ideas on Aqiqah, Berendoi and Cukur jambul Decor

Hi mummies and daddies... and salam to all muslimin muslimah.

Mummy fissa was going through her personal collection items earlier this afternoon – (still until now after a year we moved in, i still do not get all our belongings in place and well-organised) some were bought whenever the moment i laid my eyes on them, some were souvenirs from friends and family, and few of them are my personal mementos from those who used to steal my heart (ehem ehem – have to keep them low that i hate when my hubby start digging deeper... ;p)
diy your existing canopy bed drapes to make it fabulous!
And there goes this bed drapery, one of the wedding gift from my boss, Kamil; which i converted its usage as my pelamin drapery decor during my akad nikah ceremony in Kota Bharu. It is actually only a simple canopy drapery for bed but i tried to soften the canopy's look for my wedding pelamin, nah! – complete with fresh flowers and drapery, instead of using the drapery as my wedding bed canopy, itu orang lain dah biasa buat with 4-posts bed. I am still looking for my dvds and memory card of my wedding which i misplaced it somewhere in the house to show you guys the full look of the canopy pelamin drapes. Though it was not as perfect as i wished it should be, i felt satisfied that i managed to inject my own personality to my akad nikah decor. Sheer white backdrop curtain with fairy lights twinkling through, and some creepers on top. For the canopy, i hid the raw ethnic look that surrounds the top canopy with fresh ivy leaves, babies breath and white roses. With some help of four white roses bouquet on stand to act as the four pillars, and the lighting to add dramatic feeling, it turned out fabulous in its own way! Thank God, an x-colleague of mine, kak F was around to help me out with all those messes prior to the event. I owed him alot, sanggup susah2 get a flight ticket to KB at last minute, help me out with the decor, pengantin nak pasang sendiri everything boleh pengsan you... That was sweet.
Anyway, ini ada some picture of the canopy bed drapes i was talking about  – the original look and the result after some transformation, so you guys could understand the use of creativity in everyday chores, that it creates more value to something raw...
before it is hung and decorated
to soften the ethnic look, need some cover up to its top part

picture was taken 3 years ago
see how the canopy with drapes is used for my pelamin
how nice if fairy's lights are suspended inside the canopy too :)
in the morning during the akad takes place, the pelamin only placed two big pillows for the groom and the imam to sit on.
after all, my mini pelamin for akad nikah ceremony is also being utilised for family photo session
in the picture: (left to right) adda my little n only sister, me n hubby 

Anyway, since pure drapes covering bedding area, crib or cradle plays a vital role in giving immediate feel of royalty, luxury, and wealth – i was thinking of having this sort of theme for the upcoming project for aqiqah, berendoi and cukur jambul decor. Besides permitting privacy, i believe this drapes can add charm and character to the event itself, fabulous! ngee :D
some samples using drapery for the cradle, done by others

in the next post, mummy fissa shall share her diy curtain backdrop and the art of mix & match your linen with some ornaments (from your existing personal collection). be smart, she always makes sure the shelf life of her specially made event deco does not stop after the event, turn it into your house/space deco. Why not be more cost efficient? ngeee.... (*o') wink

till here, feel free to drop me some comments, yah?

mummy fissa

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