October's Glittering Offer

Dear parents,

It has been six months since we first launch our blog to the blogsphere world, and it is the time we want to announce our fabulous offer to make up your loved one's bitrhday party, and turning it into a whole new experience. Suitable for girls and boys from the age of 4 to 12, this birthday package offers Pop Star good times with fun costumes and accessories, Dancing Fun time, Walk The Red Carpet session and Pop Star Award as part of party activities and programmes.

So what else are you waiting for? Call us now and book a date with us, booking is made on first come first serve basis. This limited offer covers almost everything of a party-must-has's, except for the birthday cake and the invitation. Stuff these kids with a whole new party experience, the clown is out, the experience is in.

Party Room Decorated with Disco Ball, Glimmering Backdrop, a Red Carpet runway and musical background to set up the scenes.

Let the kids go home with their widest smiles - a makeover session with a special photoshoot by the paparazzi using instant polaroid, a Pop Star Award trophee, a Backstage pass (Glam Star Certificate), and a helium balloon for everybody.

Terms and conditions applies*

Book now! Call 019-9067716 or drop us an email hafissa@gmail.com

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