Airissandra's Mickey Party @ PDRM Titiwangsa Golf Club

Dear Mummies and Daddies,

It has been a long while since I last updated my blog with party pictures that we did recently. I have one party we did in last February which i had the chance to bring over my own camera as I don't really need to conduct the activities all by myself...

Birthday celebrant's name : Airissandra
Age : 3
Theme : Mickey Mouse
Venue : PDRM Golf Club, Tasik Titiwangsa

I kept getting calls from Ambank number. It was weird as I paid my car loan on time but why they keep calling which usually means I'm behind the schedule or what???? Another call from Ambank number.... Managed to pick up, i hear a pleasant voice of a lady, not the usual account servicing guy. Net, works at Ambank is a young mother looking forward to celebrate her first daughter's birthday. She is genuine with her budget and i tried my best to give her a good package without compromising the fun of the party. She agreed to prepare her own party pack, what we provided for her daughter's party were only the decoration, the candy buffet with some printables, the loot bags for her favors and our hilarious magical clown! No crew was required as the clown conducted the magic show, the games for kids, as she already had some service personnel provided by the clubhouse. To Net, sorry that the picture took sometime to upload, busy with last minute parties lately... Juggling with external challenges too... So keep in touch, okay! Big hug for your Airis! Love working for you. +ve!




candy buffet & party pack counter

wall decor

party pack

helium balloons


birthday cake from Secret Recipe, we cudn't help Net to get a birthday cake in short notice
framed A4 poster

guests area was filled with mickey balloons


birthday cake area

not a petting zoo, but our magician came with birds and iguana

candy buffet

wheat bar, cupcakes and blossom cake to entice the eyes

tube yogurt
red and white polka dots to represent mickey

candy bar 2

their guests were entertained by our magician

kids are excited

Airis on his Minnie's ear

please Q up to get your balloon scupltures

wall decor

adik comel

my hero had fun

saya nak 'pedang'

net and iris

as pretty as mummy (does not apply to red nosed man, sorry ye Fimos!)
cutie pie Airis

cake cutting, i din get to capture the candle blowing session

yum yum

staged performance - magic show

volunteer no 1, 2 and 2+?

guests were entertained

calling a good bye

happy family
Airis with her mummy and daddy

That's all folks! Interested? Please fill up and submit our RFQ form from one of the above tabs. Mention the age your child turning into, gender of your child, and the desired theme (if any). Would be easier if we were given a budget to work with.

Thank you Mummy Fissans. Till next update!

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