Shaurya's 5th Birthday - Shark Theme Party

Shaurya's 5th Birthday - Shark Theme Party

Venue: Pearl Condo, @KLCC
Date: 17 Jan 2015
Theme: Shark

We help this expat family to plan and organize for the whole party including decoration, dessert and candy buffet, pop corn and entertainer cum game master to conduct some theme led games and activities for the kids.

The kids had fun with their sand art kits and everyone participated in the games conducted by our entertainer, it was even more interesting that the games are also based on shark theme such as "Pin The Shark's Fin", "Shark Pinata" and "Shark Tossing" game.

shark theme birthday party decoration

shark theme birthday party dessert & candy buffet

shark theme dessert & candy buffet 
dessert & candy buffet

shark themed cupcakes

shaurya the birthday boy

Our entertainer cum Game Master

fruit tartlet - shark themed dessert buffet

shark themed chocolate bars


kids tables and chairs also arranged by Fabulous Party, sand art kit for their side activity

Popcorn cart

entrance doorway

cutie shark

it's a shark zone, so be careful

cake cutting session

pin the shark tail - shark themed games

shark theme for Shaurya's 

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